Gift Certificates

Purchasing Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased through our e-store and can be found in the Gift Certificates section.


All Gift Certificate codes are delivered immediately via e-mail at the time orders are placed to the email addresses provided for both the billing and shipping, as well as being displayed on the order confirmation page. 


Please note: All Gift Certificates are electronically delivered and no physical cards or certificates are available at this time.


Using Gift Certificates

Please note: Your gift certificate code can only be used in the e-store from which it was originally purchased. Gift certificates cannot be used across our various country e-stores as they are issued in the base currency of the e-store from which it was purchased. Please refer to your gift certificate notification e-mail to determine from which e-store your gift certificate was issued (US, AU, EU, or UK).


1) Ensure you are in the store for which the gift certificate was purchased.
2) During the checkout process select a "Payment Type" of "Gift Certificate"

3) A new "Add Certificate" section will appear. Paste in your gift certificate code and then click on the gold plus sign.


If the value of your gift certificate is less than the total amount of your order, you will be prompted for a payment method to cover the additional amount due.


If you still have trouble redeeming your gift certificate after following these instructions, please click here to open a help ticket.